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Streamline Stage

Get help accessing our online events & webinars.

Minimum Technical Requirements

The minimum technical requirements for attending our online events are as follows. Mac Users. - MacOS 11 or later- Latest version of Brave, Chrome, or Safari- 8GB of RAM- Internet connection with at-least 50mbps down & 50mbps up. PC Users. - Windows

Accessing Replays

Here are the steps you can follow to access replays on a laptop/computer:. 1. Click on "Watch" on the top menu bar. 2. Click on the red "Replays & Bonus Videos" tab. 3. Click "Watch Session" to watch the specific session you are looking for. Here are

Play/Pause Videos

To play or pause the video on a laptop/computer:. 1. Hover over the video itself. 2. Click on the play button that appears in the bottom left corner of the video. To play or pause the video on an iPad/mobile device using the Streamline Stage applicat

How To Get Sound To Work

If you are using a laptop or other computer and there is no sound, you can fix this by:. 1. Hover over the video and check the volume icon next to the play/pause button. 2. If there is an "x" next to the icon, you can click it to unmute the sound and

Closed Captions

Note: closed captions only work on the Google Chrome and Brave web browsers. To enable the closed captions feature:. 1. Hover over the video. 2. Click on the "CC" icon on the bottom right of the video and the closed captions should start working afte

Streamline Stage Application Download

iOS/iPad app download: Android app download:

Video Freezing And No Audio On iPads/iPhones

If you are having issues with the video freezing or the audio being muted on your iPad or iPhone:. 1. Make sure the volume is turn up on the device. 2. Make sure the video is not paused.  You can check this by tapping the video itself and then the pl

Join Sessions For Events

To join sessions:. 1. Login at with the email used to purchase the event and the code that will be emailed to you - NOTE: THE CODE COULD BE IN YOUR SPAM FOLDER. 2. Click on "Watch" on the top of the screen. 3. Click "Join Sess

Adding Social Media Links To Profile

To add your Facebook and Instagram accounts to your profile:. Instagram: Facebook:

How To Reload Web Browsers

To reload a web browser on a Mac or PC:. Mac: Press the command and "r" keys at the same time. Windows: Press the command and "r" keys at the same time. To reload the Safari web browser on mobile or iPads:. Swipe down from the top of the page and tha

Reasons For Video Play Issues

There could be a few different reasons for why you are having issues playing replays or watching the live event:. 1. You have too many devices connected to your internet which could cause a slow down since your internet has to be connected to all dev

How To Access Breakout Rooms

To access breakout rooms on Streamline Stage, you can follow these steps:. 1. Click/tap on the "The Lounge" tab on the top of the screen.  NOTE: IT WILL BE ON THE BOTTOM IF YOU ARE USING THE MOBILE APP. 2. To get a seat in a room, you have to hover o

How To Watch Events And Replays In Landscape Mode On iPad

To view the event or replays in landscape mode while using the Streamline Stage app you can follow these steps:. 1. Tap on the video. 2. Click on the 2 arrows icon in the top left corner of the video. 3. You can then rotate the device sideways and yo

Issues With ShopPay

Unfortunately we cannot provide support for ShopPay.  If you have any questions or issues with ShopPay, you can reach out to them directly here:

How to view your previous ticket purchases

To view your previous event ticket purchases, please navigate to When you get to the page, please use the same email address you used to purchase the ticket. You will then need to enter a passcode sent to your email